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    Are You Behind on Your Mortgage Payments? Or Are You About to Fall Behind on Your Mortgage Payments?        First of all, know that you are not alone and that this is happening to millions of Americans across the Country right now, especially in states like California. Also know that this is not the end of the world and that you will recover from this stressful period. Our goal is to help you free yourself from this situation and move on with your life as quickly and easily as possible. We are here to help you and your family through this difficult time. We are a professional team dedicated to helping homeowners get out of foreclosure and avoid devastating their credit and wasting away their life savings. Our team of specialists have completed hundreds of Short Sales and we can help you too. We are not real estate agents. We are buyers, there is no cost to you, and we pay CA$H for your houseProblem Solved! Visit our FAQ page for more information, or request your Free Consultation by Clicking Right Below

Short Sale

With the decline in the real estate market, many homeowners are finding that they owe more than or close to what their property is worth, and are therefore unable to pay off the loans by selling their house. When this is the case, a short sale is often the best solution. Typically, we recommend this strategy only for those homeowners who are behind on their payments. But if you feel that you will not be able to continue making your payments, we may still be able to negotiate a short sale with the bank. Visit our FAQ's page to learn more about short sales and their implications to you.

Even if your property is currently in the foreclosure process, a short sale is still a great option for you. One of the main reasons why you would want to do a short sale, instead of allowing your property to go into foreclosure is to minimize the impact on your credit score. A foreclosure will typically remain on your credit report for 7-10 years and is viewed in a similar fashion as a bankruptcy to most lenders and creditors. The impact of a short sale is typically much less with most people being able to get a new loan within 24 months of making on-time payments on their other obligations.

What is a short sale?

With the increase in foreclosures lately you may have heard the term "short sale" and wondered what it was. A short sale is when the lender will accept less than the full amount due on a mortgage when a property is sold. Usually, the lender will accept the short sale to avoid the time and expense of a foreclosure.

When a borrower is in default on a mortgage, they not only owe the back due payments, but also may owe late fees, property inspection fees, attorney fees, etc. This can add up quickly to eat up all the equity the borrower had in the property. If the borrower is unable to bring the account current the lender will then foreclose on the property. With a foreclosure, the lender can lose up to 70% of the mortgage amount because of the extra costs involved with foreclosing on a property: attorney fees, court costs, lost interest, eviction costs, property maintenance costs, and selling costs. Foreclosing on a property can also take up to two years in some states. Therefore, it is sometimes in the best interest of the lender to accept the short sale.

It also can be in the best interest of the borrower. They will not have to endure the time and stress of a foreclosure and their credit may not be as adversely affected as it would with a foreclosure. It is quicker and easier and does not subject the borrower to the embarrassment of a foreclosure.

Why should you consider a Short Sale?
  • You Stop Foreclosure
  • You Can Sell For Less Than You Owe The Bank
  • Your Lender Pays All Of The Closing Costs
  • You Pay Nothing
  • You Owe Nothing 
  • You Save Your Credit
  • You Erase Your Debt 
  • You Reduce Stress
  • You Get a Fresh Start

Why Should you Work With Us?
  1. We Can Help You Avoid Foreclosure
  2. When we are successful with the bank negotiation, we pay cash to buy the house
  3. You will have direct contact with the representative handling your file
  4. Confidentiality - No signs in your yard saying Foreclosure, Bank REPO or Short Sale and we will not sell  your information
  5. Personal attention and care for you, our client! You are NOT just a number
  6. We have specialized knowledge and have the specific skills to help you, no matter what your situation is
  7. We have expert negotiators working with your bank
  8. Limit your credit damage
  9. Eliminate your debt with your lender
  10. Get your house SOLD quickly

How Does It Work?

The first thing the borrower should do when they can no longer afford a property is to contact Kucan & Clark Partners, LLC Immediately by calling 1-800-77-HOW-TO (1-800-774-6986) or by filling out your information on this site.  
The last thing a lender wants to do is foreclose on the property. Lenders typically have departments that work with people who are behind on their payments to resolve the situation. If you cannot resolve the default with the lender, and you want to see if they will accept a short sale, they will direct you to the department that handles short sales.

This is Where We Step In and Help You

The lender will usually require the borrower to submit a lot of information to the lender in order to consider the short sale.
We will handle the entire Short Sale process from beginning to end! 
Problem Solved!

The information required may include, but not limited to:
  • Income documentation such as W-2's & Pay Check Stubs to verify the borrowers income
  • Bank Statements to verify the borrowers assets
  • Tax Returns for the last 2 years
  • Profit & Loss Statements (if self employed)
  • A List of ALL Repairs the house needs
  • Hardship Letter - This letter will describe for the lender the reasons the borrowers are in their current financial position they are in and will ask the lender to accept the short sale. Borrowers should make this letter sound as sad as possible and back up the story with any documentation you may have such as medical bills, loss of income, etc...
  • Fair market value for the property - depending on the lender they may require an appraisal or may accept an opinion from a local Realtor known as a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) or what's known as a Brokers Price Opinion (BPO)
  • Preliminary proceeds sheet from the sale of the property (aka HUD-1). This will show the proceeds of the sale of the property after the mortgage is paid off and all other closing costs and fees are paid. This will be negative in the case of the short sale and this negative amount is the amount of the shortage.
  • Purchase and Sales Agreement from Kucan & Clark Partners, LLC.

When the lender reviews all of this they may or may not approve the short sale. If they do not approve the short sale they will proceed with the foreclosure. If they do agree to the short sale you will close on the sale of your property and the lender will take the loss.